Czechoslovakian company Aero’s main business was in manufacturing aeroplanes, but in 1929 they diversified into car production.  Based in Praha-Vysocany, automobiles were built up until WW II, with manufacture continuing afterwards until the late 1940’s when the Czechoslovakian car industry was nationalised.

1929 Aero 500. Model by Igra (1:36 scale)
1933 Aero 662. Model by Hynek Knopp
1938 Aero Type 30. Model by Hynek Knopp
1938 Aero 50 Coupe Karos. Model by Hynek Knopp
1940 Aero 50 Dynamik Sodomka. Model by Autocult
1949 Aero Minor 2. Model by Hynek Knopp