About Us

The Old Garage Model Automobile Collection (TOGMAC) aims to do two things.  

Firstly, to illustrate – albeit in 1:43rd scale, the diverse history of the automobile from its earliest beginnings up to the present day.  

This general collection of model cars tries to cover the two broad areas of “Road” and “Track”.

Secondly, to promote the companies – such as Autocult, Esval and British Heritage Models’ range of Majesty Classics – and highly-skilled individuals around the world who make scaled-down reproductions of the real vehicles.

A model car bought in a shop in Buenos Aires has a sticker underneath saying “Made by Gladys”.  Well, thanks to Gladys and all her fellow craftsmen and women, we have the models that we can all collect today.  

Finally, if you have one – please support your local model shop:- there are not too many about these days.

N.B.  The Old Garage Model Automobile Collection (TOGMAC) is a not-for-profit information-sharing website, which we hope is of interest, not only to fellow model car collectors, but also to anyone interested in the history of the automobile.

All graphic material used in the photographs, for example logos, reproductions of old advertising material and photographs of vehicles, are used solely for the purposes of illustrating the history of the manufacturers who have produced the real vehicles that the models are scaled-down reproductions of.

Please let us know if there are any inaccuracies in any of the information portrayed.  Thank you.