AC was founded in London in 1901, being re-named Autocars & Accessories in 1904 and Auto Carriers Ltd. in 1911.  A 3-wheel delivery vehicle was built at first, which was adapted to carry passengers in 1908 and called the AC Sociable.  After WW I, ACs achieved sporting successes with their cars throughout the 1920’s & 30’s but financial difficulties meant production was limited.  After WW II, the Ace and Aceca were introduced, the Ace being used later as the basis for the Shelby Cobra.  The Greyhound and 428 models were then built followed by the 3000 ME.  Over decades there have been several changes of ownership of the firm involving different company names, with ACEDES Holdings building the 378 GT Zagato in 2012.

1938 AC 16/80 Sports Roadster. Model by Lansdowne
1950 AC 2 Litre. Model by Pathfinder
1954 AC Aceca. Model by Oxford Diecast
1957 AC Ace. Model by Norev
1957 AC Aceca. Model by Norev
1959 AC Ace. Model by NEO
1962 AC Cobra 427. Model by Revell
1963 AC Cobra - as raced at Sebring. Model by Bang
1963 AC Greyhound. Model by NEO
1966 AC 428 Frua Fastback. Model by NEO
1966 AC 428 Frua Convertible. Model by NEO
1967 AC Cobra 427. Model by Solido
1979 AC 3000 ME. Model by K&R Replicas
2012 AC 378 GT Zagato. Model by NEO
2012 AC 378 GT Zagato