Adler were founded by Heinrich Kleyer in Frankfurt in 1880.  The company originally made bicycles and typewriters under the brand name Adler, which is German for “eagle”.  The first car was manufactured in 1900 with a wide variety of models being produced before and after WW I.  By the late 1920’s, Adler were the third largest car maker in Germany after Opel and BMW but the outbreak of WW II saw passenger car production end.

1905 Adler Phaeton. Model by Ziss-Modell
1905 Adler Limousine. Model by Ziss-Modell
1906 Adler 18/35 Prasidentenwagen. Model by Autocult
1937 Adler 2.5L "Autobahn". Model by NEO
1937 Adler 2.5L Convertible. Model by NEO
1937 Adler Trumpf.
1938 Adler Diplomat Stromlinie Autenrieth. Model by Autocult
1938 Adler Trumpf (Le Mans). Model by Paradcar