Société des Automobiles Alpine was founded in Dieppe in 1955 by engineer and racing driver Jean Redelé.  Closely associated with Renault, cars were built for road, racing and rallying.  In 1976, the Alpine racing department merged with Renault Sport and in 1995, Alpine production ended.  In 2017, the Alpine name was re-launched with the Renault F1 team being re-named Alpine for the 2021 season.

1955 Alpine Renault Redele Speciale. Model by Eligor
1956 Alpine A106. Model by Nostalgie
1956 Alpine A106. Model by Norev
1960 Alpine A108 Cabriolet. Model by Norev
1961 Alpine A108 Coupe 2+2. Model by Nostalgie
1962 Alpine GT4. Model by Eligor
1964 Alpine Formule 2. Model by Eligor
1966 Alpine Prototype A 210. Model by Eligor
1970 Alpine Renault A110 Berlinette. Model by Solido
1972 Alpine Renault A110 (Rallye Neige et Glace)
1972 Alpine Renault A310. Model by IXO
1975 Alpine Renault A310 (Rallye Monte Carlo)
1975 Alpine Renault A110 1800. Model by Solido
1976 Alpine Renault A110. Model by Legend Series
1981 Alpine Renault A310 V6. Model by Eligor
1985 Alpine GTA Atmospherique phase 1. Model by Eligor
1992 Alpine A610 (Magny Cours)
2015 Alpine Vision Gran Turismo. Model by Norev