ARO stands for Automobil Romanescu, with production of their off-road vehicles beginning in Campalung in 1957.  Initially, vehicles were based on GAZ’s and they became the most successful of all East European off-roaders with export sales around the world.  Later cars were built with Ford, Daewoo and Toyota engines, with Daihatsu-powered ARO’s also being sold in Spain as Hisparo’s and in Portugal as Portaro’s.  Production ended in 2003.

1962 ARO M59A (Pompiers de Tours). Model by IXO
1972 ARO 240. Model by IXO
1975 ARO 241
1980 ARO 10. Model by De Agostini
1985 ARO 243. Model by De Agostini
1995 ARO 10 Spartana