Established to build German Daimlers under licence, Austro-Daimler began in 1899 at Wiener-Neustadt.  Ties with the German company ended in 1911 and later mergers occurred with other Austrian companies, Puch and then Steyr in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Production ceased in 1934.

1908 Austro-Daimler 28/32 "Maja". Model by Fahr(T)raum
1910 Austro-Daimler "Prinz Heinrich". Model by Fahr(T)raum
1911 Austro-Daimler Kaiserwagen. Model by Fahr(T)raum
1922 Austro-Daimler "Sascha" (driven by Alfred Neubauer)
1929 Austro-Daimler ADR 6 Sport "Torpedo". Model by Fahr(T)raum
1932 Austro-Daimler ADR Bergmeister. Model by Altaya
1932 Austro-Daimler ADR 8 Alpine Sedan. Model by Esval