In 1886, German engineer Karl (Carl) Benz produced his first prototype petrol-engined car.  A second prototype built in 1888 was taken by his wife Bertha on a 60 mile drive, without Karl’s knowledge, but this proved the potential of his new design.  By 1900, Benz was the most successful car company in the World and continued production until a merger with Mercedes in 1926.

1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. Model by IXO
1893 Benz Viktoria-Wagon. Model by Gama
1894 Benz Patent Motorwagen Omnibus. Model by Cursor-Modell
1895 Benz Viktoria vis-a-vis. Model by Gama
1899 Benz Break. Model by Dugu
1906 Benz 35/40 Prinz-Heinrich-Wagen. Model by Autocult
1910 Benz Limousine. Model by Ziss-Modell
1910 "Blitzen Benz" - Land Speed Record holder, driven by Barney Oldfield at 131mph. Model by Brumm
1911 Benz Rennwagen Blitzen-Benz. Model by Cursor-Modell