Chrysler Australia

Chrysler Australia Ltd. began in 1951 and by the 1960’s had established itself as the third major car company in the country behind Holden and Ford.  A close relationship with Mitsubishi followed and in 1980, the company name was changed to Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd., production continuing until 2008.

1957 Chrysler Royal AP1 Sedan. Model by Trax
1962 Chrysler R Series Valiant. Model by Trax
1962 Chrysler S Series Valiant. Model by Trax
1963 Chrysler AP5 Valiant Regal Hardtop. Model by Trax
1965 Chrysler AP6 Valiant Regal V8. Model by Trax
1969 Chrysler VF Valiant Pacer. Model by Trax
1970 Chrysler VG Valiant Pacer Sedan. Model by Trax
1976 Chrysler CL Valiant Charger 770. Model by Trax