André Citroën spent many years as an industrialist before his first car was produced in 1919.  This was an immediate success and over 12,000 vehicles were manufactured in the following year.  Citroën rapidly became one of France’s leading car companies and was spurred on by competition, particularly with Renault.  However, in 1934 Citroën went bankrupt and were taken over by Michelin.  André Citroën died a year later.  Since 1976, the company has been part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group.

1919 Citroën Type A. Model by Atlas
1922 Citroën Autochenille K1 (1st crossing of the Sahara. Model by Atlas
1923 Citroen B2 Caddy. Model by Norev
1925 Citroën Type B2. Model by Minialuxe
1925 Citroën 5c "Torpedo". Model by Eligor
1925 Citroen 5cv. Model by Eligor
1926 Citroën Camionette 5cv (200 kilos). Model by Eligor
1926 Citroën B12 Normande. Model by Atlas
1926 Citroen 5cv Camionette. Model by Eligor
1928 Citroën Torpedo Commerciale. Model by Tek Hoby
1930 Citroën C4F Fauchon. Models by Solido
1931 Citroën Autochenille (La Croisiere Jaune). Model by Universal Hobbies
1933 Citroën Rosalie "Berline". Model by Eligor
1933 Citroën 8cv Rosalie. Model by Universal Hobbies
1933 Citroën 15A Familiale. Model by Atlas
1933 Citroën Rosalie des Records (La Petite Rosalie). Model by Atlas
1934 Citroën Traction 22 Cabriolet. Model by Atlas
1934 Citroën Traction 7A. Model by Universal Hobbies
1934 Citroën Camionette (500 kilos). Model by Eligor
1935 Citroën 7cv Roadster. Model by Vitesse
1938 Citroën Traction 11 Coupe. Model by Solido
1938 Citroën Traction Avant Cabriolet. Models by Eligor
1938 Citroën C11B (Moroccan taxi). Model by Tek Hoby
1939 Citroën 2cv Prototype. Model by Norev
1939 Citroën 15cv Traction Avant. Model by Solido
1940 Citroën GAZ 15cv Traction Avant. Model by Solido
1947 Citroën Type 23R Serie U Chassaing. Model by Hachette
1948 Citroen 2cv. Model by Vitesse
1950 Citroën 11cv. Model by Altaya
1950 Citroën H. Model by Atlas
1950 Citroën 11cv. Model by Del Prado
1951 Citroën 2cv Camionette. Model by Solido
1951 Citroën 15-Six Decouvrable A.E.A.T. Model by Norev
1952 Citroën Type H Autocar. Model by Hachette
1953 Citroën 2cv Barquette Barbot Special "Yacco". Model by Norev
1954 Citroën Traction 15 Six (General de Gaulle). Model by Atlas
1956 Citroën DS. Model by Solido
1957 Citroën 15 Six Limousine. Model by Presidential Cars
1957 Citroën 2cv. Model by Altaya
1950's Citroën 2cv de Racing Cup
1950's Citroën 2cv "Jules" a mitrailleuse. Model by Eligor
1950's Citroën 2cv La Spot avec remorque. Model by Eligor
1958 Citroën 15cv Chapron. Model by Presidential Cars
1959 Citroën ID 19 - Rallye Monte Carlo
1960 Citroën DS 19. Model by Del Prado
1961 Citroën 2cv "Pompiers Cogolin". Model by Norev
1961 Citroën DS Cabriolet. Model by Solido
1961 Citroën Ami 16. Model by Altaya
1961 Citroën 2cv 4x4 Sahara. Model by Norev
1962 Citroën ID 19 Break. Model by Atlas
1962 Citroën 2cv. Model by Del Prado
1962 Citroën DS 19. Model by Presidential Cars
1964 Citroën Bijou. Model by Best of Show
1965 Citroën DS Break. Model by Solido
1965 Citroën Type H. Model by Atlas
1967 Citroën DS Coupe - Henri Chapron ("Le Dandy"). Model by Atlas
1967 Citroën Ami 16 Break. Model by Minichamps
1969 Citroën ID 20 Break. Model by La Route Bleue
1969 Citroën Dyane 6. Model by IXO
1969 Citroën DS 21 Presidentielle Chapron. Model by Presidential Cars
1971 Citroën GS. Model by IXO
1971 Citroën MEP X27. Model by Nostalgie
1972 Citroën GS Camargue (Concept Car). Model by Norev
1972 Citroën SM Presidentielle. Model by Norev
1973 Citroën SM Coupe. Model by Eligor
1975 Citroën GS - Rallye de Monte Carlo
1975 Citroën Mehari 4x4. Model by Norev
1979 Citroën 2cv. Model by Solido
1979 Citroën CX. Model by Minichamps
1979 Citroën 2cv Depanneuse. Model by Hachette
1981 Citroën LNA. Model by Altaya
1981 Citroën Visa II Super E. Model by Altaya
1982 Citroën 2cv Charleston. Model by Altaya
1982 Citroën BX 16 TRS. Model by Norev
1984 Citroën Visa Chrono (Rallye RACE Madrid)
1987 Citroën AX. Model by Altaya
1992 Citroën BX 19 TZS. Model by Altaya
1993 Citroën Xantia. Model by Norev
1994 Citroën ZX 16V (Rallye du Rouergue). Model by Altaya
1996 Citroën ZX (Winner - Paris to Dakar). Model by Norev
1998 Citroën Xsara Picasso. Model by Del Prado
2002 Citroën Xsara (Deutschland Rally). Model by Rally Car Collection
2002 Citroën Saxo S 1600 (Rally Catalunya). Model by Rally Car Collection
2002 Citroën C3 Pluriel. Model by Norev
2003 Citroën C Airdream (concept car)
2003 Citroën C Airlounge (concept car)
2004 Citroën C4. Model by City Cruiser
2004 Citroën C4 Berline. Model by Norev
2005 Citroën C Airplay (concept car)
2005 Citroën C Sport Lounge (concept car)
2006 Citroën C Buggy (concept car)
2007 Citroën C Crosser. Model by Solido
2008 Citroën C2 S1600 (Rallye Mexico)
2010 Citroën C-Zero. Model by Norev
2010 Citroën Survolt. Model by Norev
2010 Citroën GT. Model by Provence Moulage
2011 Citroën C6. Model by Norev
2011 Citroën DS 3. Model by IXO
2011 Citroën DS 3 R3 (Rally Monte Carlo)
2014 Citroën C4. Model by Burago
2015 Citroën C1. Model by Burago
2018 Citroën C4 Cactus. Model by Norev
2020 Citroën Ami 100% Electric. Model by Norev