Daimler – UK

Manufacturing rights for the German Daimler were acquired in May 1893 by Richard Simms, making his company the oldest car manufacturer in Great Britain.  Daimler cars became renowned for their quality.  In 1960, the Jaguar company bought Daimler, the marque name continuing until 2007.

1910 Daimler. Model by Corgi
1911 Daimler. Model by Eko
1928 Daimler (Queen Mary). Model by Oxford Diecast
1929 Daimler (King George V). Model by Oxford Diecast
1931 Daimler Double Six. Model by Altaya
1948 Daimler Straight 8 DE 36. Model by Western Models
1950 Daimler DB18 Hooper Empress. Model by Best of Show
1951 Daimler DB18 Hooper Empress Convertible. Model by Matrix
1953 Daimler Conquest. Model by NEO
1959 Daimler Majestic Major. Model by NEO
1960 Daimler SP 250. Models by Oxford Diecast
1962 Daimler SP 250 Dart. Model by Norev
1964 Daimler 2.5 litre V-8. Model by Vitesse
1968 Daimler DS 420. Model by Oxford Diecast
1969 Daimler Sovereign. Model by Vanguard
1973 Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas Series 1. Model by Matrix
1976 Daimler DS 420. Model by Universal Hobbies
1986 Daimler Series III. Model by NEO
1990 Daimler XJ 40 Sovereign. Model by NEO
1995 Daimler Corsica concept. Model by Matrix
2003 Daimler Super Eight. Model by Universal Hobbies