DKW initially stood for Dampf Kraft Wagen (steam car) and later, for the motorbike Das Kleiner Wunder (the little wonder).  The first car was produced in 1928 and in 1932, DKW joined the Auto Union group.  Production ended in 1939 and began again in 1950, continuing until 1966.

1931 DKW F.1. (kit model made by Alan Burbidge)
1951 DKW Stromlinie Versuchswagen. Model by Autocult
1953 DKW 3=6 F.91 Coupe. Model by Audi
1954 DKW Kombi
1955 DKW 3/6 F.91. Model by Audi
1955 DKW Munga 4 (NATO). Model by Starline
1956 DKW Monza. Model by Starline
1957 DKW F94 3=6. Model by White Box
1958 DKW 3=6 Coupe. Model by Norev
1959 DKW Junior Sedan. Models by Vitesse
1963 DKW F1000L (made in Spain by IMOSA). Model by Del Prado
1965 DKW F.102. Model by Norev