Ford France

The first French Ford factory began in 1916 producing Model T’s.  In 1934 the company merged with the long-established firm of Mathis.  In 1939, a new company was formed called Ford S.A.F. (Société Anonyme Française), which continued to manufacture cars until 1954.  The firm was then sold to SIMCA.

1934 Ford V8 Berline. Model by Solido
1934 Ford V8 Van. Model by Eligor
1939 Matford V8
1950 Ford Vedette
1951 Ford Comete. Model by Nostalgie
1953 Ford Vedette. Models by Solido
1954 Ford Abeille. Model by Solido
1954 Ford Vedette. Model by IXO
1954 Ford Vedette Vendome. Model by Atlas