The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford (1863-1947).  Growing up on a farm, he had shown an early interest in powered vehicles and built his first car – a quadricycle – in 1896.  To publicise his new company, in 1904 he drove one of his cars, the 16.7 litre “Arrow”, to an unofficial land speed record of 91mph.  His first car was the Model A, but it was the Model T that made him a multi-millionaire.  Pioneering the use of mass production-line assembly, 15 million Model T’s were built between 1908 and 1927, literally putting America on wheels.  Based in Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford expanded his automobile empire around the World.  By the 1920’s there were overseas factories in Europe, Latin America, Canada, Asia, South Africa & Australia, with Ford also acquiring the Lincoln Motor Company in 1922.  The Ford Motor Company grew progressively over many decades and is now the fifth largest automobile manufacturer in the World.  One of the company’s most successful brands, the Mustang, sold its 10 millionth car in 2018.  N.B. A section has been added at the end of the 1940’s to include that American icon, the Street Rod.

1904 Ford "Arrow". Driven to an unofficial Land Speed Record of 91mph by Henry Ford. Model by Brumm
1907 Ford Model R Torpedo. RAMI model by JMK
1907 Ford Model S. Model by Minialuxe
1908 Ford Model T Roadster. Model by Euro-Modell
1908 Ford Model T. Model by Ziss-Modell
1908 Ford Model T Ranch Wagon. Models by Ziss-Modell
1909 Ford Model T Touring. Models by IXO
1909 Ford Model T Sport (New York - Seattle). Photo taken at the Paolo Gratton Museum, Gorizia. Model for the Liechtenstein Philatelic Bureau (and modified)
1911 "The Golden Ford". Model by Autocult
1912 Ford Model T. Model by Del Prado
1912 Ford Model T Low-sided Truck. Model by Matchbox
1913 Ford Model T Van. Model by Ertl
1915 Ford Model T. Model by Eko
1915 Ford Model T Speedster. Model for Liechtenstein Philatelic Bureau
c1923 Ford Model T. Model by Legend Series
1923 Ford Fordor Sedan. Model by Ertl
1925 Ford Model T Depot Hack. Model by NEO
1925 Ford Model T Runabout. Models by IXO & White Box
1928 Ford Model A Standard Coupe. Model by Minichamps
1932 Ford Roadster. Model by Ertl
1934 Ford Pick Up. Model by Road Signature
1935 Ford V-8 Type 48. Models by Rex Toys
1935 Ford V-8 "Woody" Estate. Model by Rex Toys
1936 Ford A V-8 Chicago Taxi
1937 Ford V-8 Pilot. Model by White Box
1940 Ford de Luxe "Woody" Estate. Model by Minichamps
1941 Ford Two Door Sedan. Model by First Response
1942 Ford Pick Up (National Park Service). Model by Gearbox
1947 Ford Fordor. Model by IXO
1948 Ford "Woody" Estate. Model by Diecast Metal
1948 Ford Pick Up. Models by Road Signature
1948 Ford de Luxe (from the film "Grease"). Model by American Classics
1949 Ford F1 Pick Up. Model by Minichamps
1949 Ford FL Cabriolet. Model by Minichamps
1949 Ford Custom 2-door Coupe. Model by American Heritage
1949 Ford Custom (New York Police). Model by Greenlight Collectibles

Hot rods first appeared in California in the late 1930’s.  With oversized engines modified for speed, they were initially used for racing on dry lake beds near Los Angeles.  Street rods evolved from hot rods and are used more for cruising city streets rather than for racing.  Fords from the 1930’s are one of the most popular cars to be modified to become either hot rods or street rods.  

1932 Ford Street Rod. Model by Eagle's Race
1932 Ford Street Rod. Model by Eagle's Race
1932 Ford 3-window Coupe Street Rod. Model by Diecast Metal
1932 Ford 3-window Coupe. Model by Diecast Metal (and modified by Roger Chalke)
1937 Ford V-8 Convertible. Model by Diecast Metal
1932 Ford Street Rod "Pick-Up". Model by Eagle Collectibles
1932 Ford Model B. Model by Road Champs Collectibles
1932 Ford Street Rod. Model by Minichamps
1949 Ford Custom Street Rod (Lowrider). Model by Tins Toys (1:38 scale)
1950 Ford V-8 (Montevideo taxi). Model by IXO
1950 Ford Custom "Woody" Estate. Models by Franklin Mint
1951 Ford F1 Pick Up (from the film "Forrest Gump"). Model by Greenlight Collectibles
1953 Ford Sunliner. Model by Collector's Classics (made by Gladys)
1953 Ford Pick Up. Model by Road Signature
1955 Ford Thunderbird. Model by Diecast Metal
1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria. Model by Diecast Metal
1956 Ford Thunderbird. Model by Franklin Mint
1956 Ford Fairlane (Havana taxi). Model by Taxis of the World
1956 Ford Thunderbird (Daytona Racing). Model by Rio
1956 Ford Fairlane Convertible. Model by Vitesse
1957 Ford Fairlane Skyliner. Model by Universal Hobbies
1957 Ford Ranchero. Model by Road Signature
1960 Ford Ranch Wagon. Models by Universal Hobbies & Premium X
1961 Ford Thunderbird. Models by Solido
1964 Ford Galaxie Sedan. Model by White Box
1964 Ford Mustang. Model by Solido
1964 Ford Mustang Convertible. Model by Universal Hobbies
1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero. Model by Universal Hobbies
1964 Ford Country Squire. Model by Premium X
1964 Ford Falcon Futura Sprint. Model by NEO
1964 Ford Amblewagon. Model by White Box
1964 Ford Econoline. Model by White Box
1965 Ford Mustang. Model by Premium X
1965 Ford Mustang (BTCC). Model by Atlas
1966 Ford Fairlane 500 XL. Model by Matchbox
1966 Ford Thunderbird. Model by Diecast Metal
1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. Model by Matchbox
1967 Ford Galaxie 500 (New York cab). Model by White Box
1968 Ford Mustang (from the film "Bullitt"). Model by Minichamps
1968 Ford GT 40. Model by Universal Hobbies
1969 Ford Thunderbird Landau 4-door Coupe. Model by NEO
1970 Ford Boss Mustang. Model by Matchbox
1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1. Model by Universal Hobbies
1971 Ford Econoline. Model by Premium X
1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport. Model by Premium X
1972 Ford Gran Torino (from the film "Fast & Furious"). Model by Greenlight Collectibles
1972 Ford LTD Country Squire. Model by White Box
1973 Ford LTD. Model by NEO
1974 Ford Maverick GT. Model by Premium X
1976 Ford Torino GT. Model by Minichamps
1976 Ford Gran Torino (Starsky & Hutch). Model by Greenlight Collectibles
1974 Ford F-250. Model by Greenlight Collectibles
1979 Ford F-250 (Goliath). Model by Greenlight Collectibles
1976 Ford Mustang II Cobra II (Charlie's Angels). Model by Greenlight Collectibles
1978 Ford Bronco. Model by Premium X
1979 Ford F 100. Model by Premium X
1979 Ford Thunderbird Version 1. Model by NEO
1980 Ford F-75 Pick Up. Model by Premium X
1986 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. Model by Matrix
1989 Ford Bronco II. Model by Premium X
1993 Ford Probe II. Model by Best of Show
1994 Ford Mustang Mach III. Model by Jouef Evolution
1994 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. Model by City Cruiser
1995 Ford F.150 Pick Up. Model by Diecast Metal
1997 Ford Explorer XLT. Model by Del Prado
1998 Ford F.150 Pick Up. Model by Diecast Metal
2000 Ford Thunderbirds. Models by Diecast Metal & Universal Hobbies
2000 Ford Crown Victoria. Models by Cararama & IXO
2003 Ford Thunderbird. Model by Road Signature
2004 Ford GT. Model by Minichamps
2004 Ford SVT 150 Lightning Pick Up. Model by Anson Collectibles
2005 Ford Mustang GT. Model by IXO
2007 Ford Mustang Parotech Cesam. Model by Norev
2008 Ford Edge. Model by Universal Hobbies
2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. Model by Schuco
2012 Ford Crown Victoria. Model by First Response
2013 Ford Fusion. Model by Greenlight Collectibles
2013 Ford Escape. Model by Greenlight Collectibles
2015 Ford Mustang Fastback. Model by Norev
2017 Ford GT. Model by IXO