GAZ stands for Gorkovski Avtomobilnji Zavod and began in 1932 by building Fords under licence in the city of Gorki.  In 1946 the M-20 Pobieda (meaning Victory) was introduced, followed by the M-21 Volga and the Chaika and by 1981, 10 million vehicles had been produced.  In later years, GAZ has had agreements with other companies to manufacture cars, including Volkswagen and General Motors.

1932 GAZ - A
1933 GAZ 03-30
1934 GAZ - 3 (6)
1936 GAZ - M1 "Emka". Model by De Agostini
1937 GAZ M1 Phaeton. Model by Nashavtoprom
1939 GAZ M-415. Model by Nashavtoprom
1940 GAZ M-11-73. Model by De Agostini
1940 GAZ 11-40. Model by Nashavtoprom
1940 GAZ GL-1. Model by De Agostini
1941 GAZ 11-73. Model by Nashavtoprom
1941 GAZ 61-40. Model by Nashavtoprom
1945 GAZ-67B
1948 GAZ-67B. Model by De Agostini
1948 GAZ-12 (ZIM). Model by De Agostini
1950 GAZ M-20 Pobieda. Model by IXO
1950 GAZ M-20 Pobieda Cabriolet. Model by De Agostini
1952 GAZ-46 4WD Amphibian. Model by De Agostini
1952 GAZ 12 ZIM. Model by IXO
1954 GAZ-69A. Model by Nashavtoprom
1955 GAZ M-21 Volga
c1956 GAZ M-21 Volga (Traffic Police)
1958 GAZ M-21 Volga. Model by IXO
1960 GAZ 69 PMG-20 Jeep Snowplough. Model by De Agostini
1960 GAZ M-22 Volga Estate. Model by NEO
1964 GAZ M-22 Volga. Model by IXO
1965 GAZ 13 Chaika
1965 GAZ 13 Chaika. Model by IXO
1967 GAZ M-24 Volga. Model by IXO
1970 GAZ M-24 Volga. Model by De Agostini
1970 GAZ M-21 Volga. Model by NEO
1977 GAZ 14 Chaika. Model by Saratov
1977 GAZ M-24 Volga. Model by Universal Hobbies
1982 GAZ 3102 Volga. Model by IXO
1992 GAZ 3102 Volga
1994 GAZ 2705 (Government Communication)
1995 GAZ 3105. Model by De Agostini
1996 GAZ 3221 Gazelle. Model by Autotime Collection
1997 GAZ 3110 Volga. Model by IXO
2006 GAZ 233036 Tiger. Model by De Agostini