Beginning as an agricultural machinery business in 1883, Hans Glas GmbH produced their first car in 1955.  This was a minicar called the Goggomobil and was powered by a 2-cylinder engine.  In 1966, BMW bought the Glas company which was based at Dingolfing, production ending in 1969.

1958 Glas Goggomobil TS 250 Cabriolet. Model by Premium Classixxs
1959 Glas Goggomobil TL 250 (ADAC). Model by Premium Classixxs
1961 Glas Goggomobil T300. Model by Schuco
1961 Glas Isar T-700 Kombi. Model by NEO
1965 Glas V8 2600. Model by Norev
1965 Glas 1300 GT. Model by NEO