The Hanomag name is a contraction of one of the original names of the company, Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG, which had a long history in industrial production before its first car was built in 1925.  This small car was given the nickname “Kommissbrot” (army loaf) because of its rounded shape.  The company also built railway engines and tractors, with car production second only to Opel by 1930.  After WW II, the company built tractors and trucks with car manufacture ending in 1952.  In the late 1960’s Hanomag merged with the Henschel company.  

1925 Hanomag "Kommissbrot". Models by R.W.Modell
1926 Hanomag "Kommissbrot". Models by Schuco
1926 Hanomag "Kommissbrot" - Reichspost. Model by Schuco
1936 Hanomag Diesel Weltrekordwagen. Model by Schuco
1951 Hanomag Partner. Model by Best of Show
1967 Hanomag-Henschel F25 Camper. Model by Premium Classixxs