Rally driver Donald Healey began his company in 1946 which was based in Warwick.  Powered by Riley engines at first, his cars were light and aerodynamic with a world-record speed of 110 mph being achieved in 1947 for a 4-seater vehicle.  The “Silverstone” model also became very popular for club racing.  The company also combined with the American firm Nash to manufacture the Nash Healey and later, with Austin to produce the Austin-Healey.  The company closed in 1954.

1950 Healey 2.4 litre Silverstone. Model by Auto Replicas
1951 Healey Sport Coupe (as raced at Le Mans). Model by Bizarre
1953 Healey 2.4 litre Tickford Saloon (Monte Carlo Rally). Model by Oxford Diecast