One of the pioneers of the Japanese motor industry, Soichiro Honda (1906-1991) had a lengthy engineering background and started his own garage in 1928.  After WW II he concentrated on motorbike production, his company becoming the first in the world to sell over a million in one year.  The Honda Motor Co. Ltd. was then established in 1962 building small cars at first, with the Civic becoming a major export success.  International links followed with manufacture in the USA and with British Leyland in the UK and later, in many countries worldwide.  Apart from vehicles the company makes a wide variety of products from generators to aircraft engines.

1966 Honda S 800. Model by Vitesse
1970 Honda Coupe GS. Model by Ebbro
1970 Honda Z GS. Model by Ebbro
1970 Honda Vamos 4. Model by Ebbro
1972 Honda Civic 1200 Hi-Deluxe. Model by Ebbro
1972 Honda Step Van. Model by Ebbro
1981 Honda Prelude Mk I. Model by NEO
1987 Honda Civic. Model by Triple 9
1989 Honda CR-X. Model by Maxichamps
1990 Honda NSX. Model by Del Prado
1992 Honda Beat. Model by Ebbro
1992 Honda Prelude Mk IV. Model by Minichamps
1992 Honda Civic SIR EG9. Model by IXO
1992 Honda CR-X Delsol. Model by Triple 9
1997 Honda Integra Type R. Model by AutoArt
1997 Honda Accord (Italian Touring Cars). Model by Onyx
1999 Honda Accord Wagon. Model by Ebbro
2001 Honda S2000 (Fast & Furious). Model by Greenlight Collectibles
2006 Honda Integra Type R (BTCC). Model by Atlas
2007 Honda Civic Type R. Model by Ebbro
2010 Honda Insight. Model by J Collection
2011 Honda CR-Z. Model by J Collection
2013 Honda NSX Concept. Model by True Scale Miniatures
2014 Honda HR-V Hybrid. Model by IXO
2015 Honda Jazz. Model by Premium X
2016 Honda NSX
2020 Honda CR-V