The Hudson Motor Car Co. was based in Detroit and named after its financier Joseph Hudson.  The firm began in 1909 concentrating on building cars in the mid-price range and after WW I, introduced the Essex brand of cars which were cheaper than Hudsons.  In 1934 the Essex was replaced by the Terraplane.  Hudson exported many cars and supplied chassis for both the Railton and Brough Superior.  After WW II their cars sold well and the Hornet model was a popular choice for NASCAR races.  In 1954 the company merged with Nash to form the American Motors Corp., the last Hudson-badged car being built in 1957.

1931 Hudson Greater 8. Model by Brooklin
1936 Hudson Terraplane Custom. Model by Brooklin
1948 Hudson Commodore Coupe. Model by NEO
1951 Hudson Hornet Sedan. Model by Franklin Mint
1952 Hudson Hornet 2-door. Model by Precision Miniatures
1952 Hudson Hornet Convertible. Model by Brooklin
1952 Hudson Hornet - driven in NASCAR by Tim Flock. Model by Legends of Racing
1954 Hudson Italia Coupe. Model by Brooklin
1954 Hudson Hornet 4-door Sedan. Model by Brooklin
1955 Hudson Hornet 4-door Sedan. Model by Brooklin
1957 Hudson Hornet V8 Hardtop. Model by NEO