Thomas Humber (1841-1910) was a British cycle manufacturer who moved to car production in 1896.  Building a Léon Bollée under licence, Humber therefore became one of the  oldest car companies in the UK.  In 1903 the very popular two-seat Humberette was introduced with the firm also making bicycles and motorbikes up until 1930.  In 1928, Humber bought up Hillman and were acquired themselves by the Rootes Group in 1932.  After WW II, the Humber company prospered with their Hawk and Super Snipe models selling well.  In 1967, Chrysler became owners of the company which continued under the Chrysler UK Ltd. banner until 1976.

1936 Humber Super Snipe 6-light Saloon. Model by Esval
1943 Humber Mk IV Armoured Car
1943 Humber Super Snipe (Eighth Army)
1949 Humber Super Snipe Mk III Saloon. Model by Lansdowne
1950 Humber Super Snipe dhc. Model by Lansdowne
1950 Humber Pullman Limousine. Model by Oxford Diecast
1957 Humber Hawk Estate. Model by Lansdowne
1957 Humber Hawk Saloon Mk I. Model by Lansdowne
1964 Humber Sceptre Version 1. Model by NEO
1965 Humber Super Snipe Sedan. Model by NEO
1965 Humber Super Snipe Estate. Model by NEO
1972 Humber Sceptre Mk III. Model by Silas Models