Originally building motorbikes, Iso began producing the Isetta “bubble car” in 1953, selling the production rights to BMW in 1955.  Car manufacture started again in 1962 with GT cars such as the Rivolta and the Grifo.  The business went bankrupt in 1974.

1953 Iso Isetta. Model by IXO
1954 Iso Isetta (Mille Miglia). Model by Hachette
1955 Iso Isetta
1957 Iso Isetta Autocarro Pick Up. Model by Matrix
1963 Iso Rivolta. Model by NEO
1968 Iso Grifo. Model by Minichamps
1972 Iso Rivolta Lele Version 1. Model by NEO
1972 Iso Grifo IR8 Targa. Model by NEO
1972 Iso Rivolta Varedo. Model by Kess