Together with partners, Matteo Ceirano founded Itala in 1904 in Turin.  As well as road-going cars, racing cars with large engines were manufactured.  An Itala also won the inaugural 1907 Peking to Paris Trial which Prince Borghese won in 60 days, 20 days ahead of the second-placed Spyker.  By the 1920’s the company was struggling financially and eventually FIAT took over in 1935.

1906 Italas line up for the start of the Targa Florio. Models by Rio
1907 Itala 35/45 hp "Peking to Paris". Model by Rio
1907 Itala Grand Prix. Model by Guisval
1907 Itala 35/45 hp Palombella (Regina Margarita). Model by Dugu
1909 Itala 35/45 hp. Models by Dugu
1912 Itala 25/35 hp. Model by Dugu