French company Matra began producing Renault-powered sports cars in 1965.  In 1969 SIMCA acquired the company and introduced the Bagheera which sold over 47,000 models.  Matra had great success in motorsport winning the F1 World Championship in 1969 with Jackie Stewart and Le Mans in 1972, 1973 & 1974.  The last Matra road cars were built in 1984.  (Photo above shows the  Formula One 1969 Matra MS 80 and the 1973 Matra-SIMCA MS 670B which won Le Mans)

1966 Matra Djet V
1967 Matra Jet VS. Model by Solido
1967 Matra Djet 6 (Monte Carlo Rally). Model by Bizarre
1968 Matra 530
1971 Matra SIMCA MS650 (Tour Auto)
1973 Matra SIMCA Bagheera. Model by Norev
1976 Matra SIMCA Bagheera Courreges
1980 Matra Rancho. Model by Norev
1980 Matra Rancho. Model by Solido