Karl Maybach (1879-1960) was a very talented designer and engineer who worked for several companies including Daimler, before founding his own firm in 1920.  As well as producing very high quality luxury cars, Maybach engines were used in the Graf Zeppelin airships.  Thousands of engines were produced during and after WW II, the company merging with Daimler-Benz in 1960.  From 2002 until 2012, the Daimler company relaunched the name Maybach as a brand name for their luxury cars.  Approximately 3,000 were manufactured.

1930 Maybach Zeppelin DS 8. Model by Minichamps
1930 Maybach Zeppelin V-12 DS 8. Model by IXO
1930 Maybach Zeppelin DS 8. Model by White Box
1932 Maybach Zeppelin. Model by Minichamps
1935 Maybach SW 35 Stromlinie Spohn. Model by NEO
1935 Maybach SW 35 Spohn Limousine. Model by Signature Models
1937 Maybach SW 38 Spohn 2-door. Model by Signature Models
1939 Maybach SW 38 Streamliner (Dorr & Schreck). Model by NEO
2002 Maybach 57. Model by AutoArt
2002 Maybach 62. Model by AutoArt
2006 Maybach Exelero. Model by Schuco
2007 Maybach Landaulet. Model by Spark