Gottlieb Daimler began his company in 1886 building road-going and then racing cars.  In 1900, wealthy Austrian entrepreneur Emil Jellinek ordered 36 cars from Daimler with the proviso that they were to be named after his daughter Mercédès.  This name was soon used on all Daimler cars, although the company name remained Daimler Motoren-Gesellschaft.  Mercedes were known for their quality and became famous for both road and racing cars and also held the World’s Land Speed Record in 1904.  After WW I, Germany experienced great financial hardship and eventually in 1926, the company joined with Benz to form Daimler-Benz AG, with all cars from then on badged as Mercedes-Benz.

1901 Mercedes 35 hp (1st Mercedes built). Model from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Collection
1901 Mercedes-Simplex. Model by Ziss-Modell
1901 Mercedes-Simplex. Model by Gama
1901 Mercedes-Simplex. Model by Gama
1901 Mercedes. Model by Safir
1901 Mercedes Rennwagen. Model by Cursor Modell
1902 Mercedes Simplex. Model by Rio
1902 Mercedes Simplex 40 PS. Model by IXO
1904 Mercedes Simplex (driven to a new Land Speed Record of 97mph by Baron Pierre de Caters). Model by Touchwood Models
1905 Mercedes Kettenwagen. Model by R.W.Modell
1905 Mercedes Limousine. Model by R.W.Modell
1907 Mercedes-Simplex 60hp Touring Limousine. Model from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Collection
1908 Mercedes Limousine 70cv. Model by Rio
1909 Mercedes Tourer. Model by Rio
1910 Mercedes Landaulet. Model by Ziss-Modell
1922 Mercedes 28/95 PS. Model by NEO
1924 Mercedes 11/40. Model by Rio
1924 Mercedes 15/70/100 PS Renntransporter & 1924 Mercedes Rennwagen Monza. Model by Autocult