The Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1910 by Henry Morgan (1881-1959).  3-wheeled cars were built at first with bodyshells built in wood, a process which continues today.  4-wheeled cars were launched in 1935 and a variety of engines used before and after WW II.  In the 1960’s a V-8 engine was introduced.  Manufacture continues today at Malvern in Worcestershire, which is where Morgan began.

1923 Morgan Sport. Models by Brumm
1934 Morgan JAP Relay Team Car (as raced at Brooklands). Model by Milestones
1934 Morgan MX-4 Super Sport. Model by Brumm
1935 Morgan 3-wheeler. Model by Spark
1936 Morgan 4-4 ("Flat Rad"). Model by NEO
1955 Morgan 4/4. Model by Matchbox
1956 Morgan 4/4 Series II. Model by Vitesse
1962 Morgan 4/4 Series 4. Model by Vitesse
1964 Morgan Plus 4 Plus Coupe. Model by NEO
1967 Morgan Plus 4. Model by Del Prado
1968 Morgan Plus 8. Model by Vitesse
1968 Morgan Plus 8. Model by Cararama
1974 Morgan 4/4. Model by Triple 9
1980 Morgan Plus 8. Model by Norev
1992 Morgan 4/4 1600. Model by Vitesse
2002 Morgan Aero 8. Model by Spark
2002 Morgan Aero 8 GT (as raced at Le Mans). Model by Spark
2005 Morgan Aeromax. Model by Spark
2007 Morgan Aero 8 GT3. Model by Spark
2010 Morgan Aero 8 Supersport. Model by Spark
2012 Morgan 3-wheeler. Model by Spark