NSU stands for Neckarsulmer Fahrradwerke AG and began manufacturing cars in Neckarsulm in 1905.  The company was a successful manufacturer of automobiles, motorbikes and cycles but financial problems in the 1920’s ended car production, which did not start again until the 1950’s.  The company specialised in building small cars and later, used the Wankel rotary engine in the 1964 Spider and 1967 Ro80.  In 1969 NSU were taken over by Volkswagen.

1914 NSU 8/24 PS. Model by Ziss-Modell
1951 NSU Kompressor Weltrekordwagen. Model by Autocult
1957 NSU Prinz 1. Model by Norev
1959 NSU Prinz 30E. Model by White Box
1959 NSU Sport Prinz. Model by Minichamps
1960 NSU-FIAT Weinsberg 500. Model by Premium X
1963 NSU Neckar-Siata 1500 TS. Model by NEO
1964 NSU Wankel Spider. Model by Audi Tradition
1964 NSU 1000 L. Model by Minichamps
1967 NSU 1200 TT. Model by Schuco
1968 NSU Thurner RS. Model by Autocult
1972 NSU Ro80. Model by Minichamps