Panhard & Levassor/Panhard

Panhard et Levassor is named after René Panhard (1841-1908) and Émile Levassor (1843-1897).  Together, they formed a company in Paris with their first automobile being built in 1891.  Other cars followed and were therefore the world’s first vehicles to be built on a continuous production line.  By 1900, over 500 cars had been built in one year.  After WW I, a great variety of models was produced throughout the 1920’s & 30’s and after WW II, the company was renamed just Panhard.  In 1965, Citroën merged with Panhard with passenger cars being built until 1967 and then only military vehicles after this date.

1891 Panhard & Levassor Ancetre. Model by Minialuxe
1894 Panhard & Levassor. Models by Minialuxe
1895 Panhard & Levassor Tonneau. RAMI model by JMK
1895 Panhard & Levassor. Model by Minialuxe
1898 Panhard & Levassor. Model by Safir
1899 Panhard & Levassor Tonneau Ballon. RAMI models by JMK
1902 Panhard & Levassor Type B1 Tonneau. Model by Minichamps (Mullin Collection)
1905 Panhard & Levassor Tonneau "Roi de Belges". Model by Minialuxe
1905 Panhard & Levassor Type Q Double Phaeton. Model by Autocult
1908 Panhard & Levassor "Voiture de Maitre". RAMI model by JMK
1914 Panhard & Levassor Skiff Labourdette. Model by Minialuxe
1925 Panhard & Levassor 8 cyl. Models by Solido & Verem
1927 Panhard 35cv. Model by Norev
1935 Panhard 6CS Faux Cabriolet. Model by Altaya
1936 Panhard Dynamic Berline. Model by White Box
1936 Panhard Dynamic Berline. Model by Eligor
1950 Panhard Dyna X. Model by Nostalgie
1952 Panhard Titan. Model by Hachette (Photo taken at Le Musee Automobiles Reims Champagne)
1953 Panhard Scarlette. Model by White Box
1953 Panhard Dyna Junior 130 Sprint. Model by Bizarre
1954 Panhard Dyna Junior. Model by IXO
1954 Panhard Riffard Record. Model by Bizarre (Photo at Montlhery)
1954 Panhard Dyna Z. Model by La Route Bleue
1957 Panhard Dyna Z12 Grand Standing. Model by Nostalgie
1961 Panhard PL 17. Models by Solido
1961 Panhard PL 17 (Monte Carlo Rally Winner). Model by IXO
1962 Panhard CD Coach
1963 Panhard PL 17 Break. Model by Eligor
1964 Panhard 24 CT. Model by Solido
1965 Panhard 24 BT