Originally called Pierce, the company was founded by George N. Pierce in 1901 in Buffalo, becoming Pierce-Arrow in 1908.  The cars gained a deserved reputation for quality but were expensive.  In 1928, the firm merged with Studebaker with production continuing until 1938 after approximately 85,000 vehicles had been built.

1915 Pierce-Arrow. Model by Danbury Mint
1920 Pierce-Arrow Model 32 7-Seater. Model by Esval
1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 133. Model for the Liechtenstein Philatelic Bureau
1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B Roadster. Model by Esval
1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow. Model by Altaya
1935 Pierce-Arrow Coupe. Model by Brooklin
1936 Pierce-Arrow Convertible. Model by Brooklin