Czechoslovakian company Praga began production in 1907.  One of the most important automobile manufacturers in the country, a wide range of vehicles was built over several decades.  After WW II the last passenger cars were built up until 1948.

1907 Praga Charon Phaeton. Model by Igra (1:36 scale)
1907 Praga Charon Drozka. Models by Igra (1:36 scale)
1907 Praga Charon Postovni. Model by Igra (1:36 scale)
1934 Praga Baby. Model by Hynek Knopp
1934 Praga Super Piccolo (1,000 miles of Czechoslovakia race). Model by Hynek Knopp
1936 Praga Lady. Model by Hynek Knopp