“As old as the industry, as modern as the hour”.  Riley marketing slogan.

The company was founded by the Riley family and originally made bicycles before their first car was built in 1898.  Based in Coventry until 1948, the firm established a reputation not just for their stylish road-going cars, but also for their racing successes.  In 1938, ownership of the company was transferred to Morris Motors and after WW II, became part of BMC.  The last cars to be badged as Riley were built in 1969.

1930 Brooklands Riley. Model by Milestone Miniatures
1932 Riley Monaco. Model by D.G.Models
1934 Riley Ulster Imp. Model by BTS Mouldings
1936 Riley Kestrel. Model by Somerville
1936 Riley Adelphi. Model by Lansdowne
1937 Riley Sprite TT (as raced at Le Mans). Model by BTS Mouldings
1937 Riley 12/4 Continental Touring Sedan. Model by Lansdowne
1949 Riley RMC 2.5 litre Roadster. Model by Motorkits
1950 Riley RMB (as raced at Le Mans). Model by BTS Mouldings
1952 Riley RME. Model by Matrix
1954 Riley Pathfinder. Model by Gems & Cobwebs
1957 Riley 1.5 Saloon. Model by Lansdowne
1958 Riley 2.6 Sports Saloon. Model by Lansdowne
1961 Riley 4/Seventy Two. Model by Silas Models
1965 Riley Kestrel. Model by Vitesse
1969 Riley Elf. Model by Vitesse