Svensk bil met flykqvalitet – Swedish car with aircraft quality.

SAAB stands for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, the company originally building aircraft before its first car was manufactured in 1949.  SAAB’s became known for their innovative design and mechanical features and were widely exported outside Sweden.  In 1969, SAAB merged with Scania-Vabis and in 1989, General Motors took a controlling share of the company completing the takeover in 2000.  Falling sales meant that the company closed in 2011, but a year later the SAAB factory was acquired by a Chinese consortium called NEVS – National Electric Vehicle Sweden.  In 2016, NEVS stated that the SAAB trademark would no longer be used, with the first NEVS car being produced in 2017.

1947 SAAB 92.001 "Ursaab". Model by Provence Moulage
1956 SAAB Sonett 1. Model by Norev
1958 SAAB 92B Version 1. Model by NEO
1958 SAAB 95. Model by NEO
1960 SAAB 96 Saloon. Model by Vanguard
1966 SAAB Sonett II. Model by NEO
1969 SAAB 96 V4. Model for the SAAB Car Museum Collection
1970 SAAB Sonett III. Model by Universal Hobbies
1972 SAAB 96 V4
1974 SAAB 99. Model by Atlas
1978 SAAB 99 Turbo. Model by NEO
1979 SAAB 95 GL Estate. Model by NEO
1980 SAAB Lancia 600 GLS. Model by Premium X
1985 SAAB 90. Model by NEO
1987 SAAB 900 Cabriolet. Model by NEO
1987 SAAB 900i (Stockholm Police). Model by Premium X
1994 SAAB 900S. Model by Del Prado
1995 SAAB 9000 CS. Model by NEO
1998 SAAB 95. Model by Schuco
1995 SAAB Viggen. Model by Premium X
2000 SAAB 9-5 Aero Estate. Model by Schuco
2006 SAAB 9-3 Sport Combi. Model by Cararama
2006 SAAB Aero X
2006 SAAB 9-5 Sedan. Model by Cararama
2009 SAAB 9-3X "Ledningsbil". Model by Triple 9
2012 SAAB 9-5 Sport Combi Aero. Model for The SAAB Car Museum Collection
2014 NEVS 9-3 Turbo Prototype. Model by DNA Collectibles