George Singer (1847-1908) was involved in bicycle manufacture before his first car was built in 1905 in Coventry.  The company steadily grew, producing a range of small cars both before and after WW I.  In the 1930’s, the firm became involved with motorsport with their Le Mans models.  After WW II, the Rootes Group took over the company in 1955, with cars being based mostly on Hillmans.  When Chrysler acquired the Rootes Group in 1970, the Singer name was no longer used.

1935 Singer 9 Le Mans Speed Special. Model by K & R Relicas
1935 Singer Le Mans. Model by MikanSue Models
1949 Singer 9 (as raced at Le Mans). Model by BTS Mouldings
1952 Singer SM 1500. Model by Lansdowne
1952 Singer 1500. Model by International Police Vehicles
1956 Singer Hunter. Model by Pathfinder Models
1963 Singer Gazelle Series III. Model by Lansdowne
1964 Singer Chamois Coupe. Model by Vanguard
1966 Singer Vogue Estate. Model by Majesty Classics
1967 Singer Vogue Saloon. Model by Silas Models