The Smart city car was designed by Nicolas Hayek and first manufactured in 1998.  The brand is owned by Daimler AG and is based in Böblingen, Germany.  There have been several variations built including a 4-door version and Smart cars are now sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

2000 Smart Cabriolet. Model by Minichamps
2000 Smart City Cabriolet. Model by Del Prado
2002 Smart City Coupe
2003 Smart Roadster. Model by Minichamps
2004 Smart ForFour. Model by Schuco
2006 Smart Roadster Coupe. Model by Burago
2007 Smart ForTwo. Model by Minichamps
2007 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet. Model by Minichamps
2014 Smart ForTwo Coupe. Model by Norev
2014 Smart ForFour. Model by Norev