Originally an armaments manufacturer, the first cars built by Austrian company Steyr were built in 1920.  The firm became the largest producer of vehicles in Austria for many years, with the name changing to Steyr-Daimler-Puch in 1935.  After WW II, an agreement was reached with FIAT to produce an Austrian/Italian car, with the last vehicle to be badged as a Steyr-Puch being manufactured in 1977.

1929 Steyr XXX. Model by Fahr(T)raum
1938 Steyr 55. Model by Best of Show
1939 Steyr 220 Cabriolet. Model by NEO
1957 Steyr-Puch 500. Model by Brumm
1959 Steyr-Puch 500D. Model by Brumm
1960 Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 710K. Model by NEO
1960 Steyr-Puch 650T. Model by Vitesse
1961 Steyr-Puch 700C. Model by Brumm
1964 Steyr-Puch 650TR. Model by Brumm