Talbot (1919-1959)

French company Automobiles Talbot was based in Suresnes from 1919 until 1959 and was part of STD Motors Ltd. (Sunbeam/Talbot/Darracq).  When STD was bought by the Rootes Group in 1935, the French Talbot company was acquired by Italian Antonio Lago.  Many very stylish cars were produced before and after WW II, with their sports cars achieving great success – a Talbot Lago won Le Mans in 1950.  However, sales declined throughout the 1950’s and the company was eventually sold to SIMCA.

1930 Talbot Pacific. Model by Eligor
1936 Talbot Lago T 26-SS Grand Prix. Model by Minichamps (from the Mullin Collection)
1937 Talbot T-23. Model by Solido
1937 Talbot Lago T150C SS. Model by Spark
1938 Talbot Lago T150 SS. Model by IXO
1939 Talbot Lago 150C Roadster. Model by Spark
1939 Talbot (as raced at Le Mans). Model by Spark
1948 Talbot Lago T26 Record Coupe
1950 Talbot Lago T26 Presidentielle. Model by Norev
1950 Talbot Lago T26 GS (Le Mans winner). Model by IXO
1950 Talbot Lago Cabriolet by Antem. Model by Matrix
1953 Talbot Lago T26 GS. Model by Top Model
1955 Talbot Lago 2500 Coupe. Model by White Box
1956 Talbot Lago 4500 Sport. Model by Nostalgie
1959 Talbot Lago Sport V8