Czechoslovakian company Tatra was based in Koprivnice and was founded in 1919.  The name comes from the High Tatra Mountains.  Hans Ledwinka (1878-1967) designed the “People’s Car” the T11, with a variety of different vehicles following, with both air and water-cooled engines.  In 1934, the T77 was introduced with an aerodynamic body and a rear-mounted air-cooled engine.  Other models were built with similar design features, both before and after WW II, with production continuing through the Communist era in Czechoslovakia.  Sales declined throughout the 1980’s and the last cars to be badged as Tatra were built in 1998.

1924 Tatra T11 Limousine. Model by Hynek Knopp
1924 Tatra T11 12ks. Model by Igra
1924 Tatra T11 Normandy. Model by Igra
1934 Tatra T77. Model by Altaya
1936 Tatra T57A. Model by Foxtoys
1936 Tatra T87. Model by Hynek Knopp
1939 Tatra T97 "Aerodynamik". Model by Hynek Knopp
1949 Tatra 600 Tatraplan. Model by Hynek Knopp
1956 Tatra JK 2500. Model by Autocult
1958 Tatra 603-1. Model by De Agostini
1961 Tatra 603 MB Minibus. Model by Autocult
1965 Tatra 603-2. Model by Swiss-Mini
1970 Tatra 603/1. Model by IXO
1976 Tatra 613. Model by IXO
1978 Tatra 603/3. Model by Foxtoys