The Vespa 400 car was a joint project between France and Italy which lasted from 1957 until 1961.  This 2+2 coupé was powered by an air-cooled 393cc engine and approximately 34,000 were built.  As Vespa is best known for its scooters, a number of their models are pictured below, made by New-Ray and slightly larger than 1:43rd scale.  (Vespa is the Italian word for “wasp”)

1959 Vespa 400 (Monte Carlo Rally).  Model by Norev

1965 Vespa 90 SS
1968 Vespa Rally 180
1976 Vespa 125 ET3
1978 Vespa P200E
1985 Vespa 125 T5 Pole Position
1996 Vespa ET4 125