Gabriel Voisin (1880-1973) made his name in France building some of the earliest aeroplanes ever to be constructed.  After WW I, when his company had built thousands of aircraft, car manufacture began in 1919 at Issy-les-Moulineaux.  Vehicles were stylish and innovative with very distinctive bodywork.  Financial difficulties meant that the last cars to be badged as Voisin were built in 1939, although after WW II, Gabriel Voisin also designed the Biscuter which was produced in Barcelona between 1951 and 1958.

1922 Voisin Type C3S (Strasbourg Grand Prix). Model by Autocult
1934 Voisin 17cv. Model by Solido
1934 Voisin C25 Aerodyne. Model by IXO
1934 Voisin C27 Aerosport. Model by Spark
1934 Voisin C27 Grand Sport. Model by Minichamps (Mullin Collection)
1936 Voisin C28 Ambassade. Model by Altaya