Wartburgs were built in East Germany by VEB Automobilwerk Eisenach from 1956 until 1990.  Three models were launched at first – a saloon, a cabriolet and an estate (Kombi).  From the mid-1970’s, cars were mostly sold in the DDR and other Eastern Bloc countries.

1957 Wartburg 313 Sport. Model by IXO
1957 Wartburg 311-4 Kubel. Model by IXO
1958 Wartburg 311. Models by Minichamps
1960 Wartburg 311 Camping. Model by De Agostini
1962 Wartburg 311-1 Kombi. Model by IXO
1964 Wartburg 312 Limousine. Model by IXO
1972 Wartburg 353 Tourist Model
1980 Wartburg 353 Trans. Model by De Agostini
1985 Wartburg 353. Model by IXO